About Us

Geneva Discount Furniture is a family owned and operated furniture store in Crystal, Minnesota.

After being fascinated with elegant and well designed furniture, we opened Geneva Discount Furniture to make available a wide range of furniture at reasonable prices. We feel that a large section of the country’s population should have their dream furniture and accessories at very low prices! Whether you want to furnish a certain room, stick to a budget, match a style or find an item with specific dimensions, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for at GenevaDiscountFurniture.com. Our furniture provides an integral part of the lives of many Americans, setting new trends in lifestyle with quality benchmark products. We are redefining the phrase “piece of wood” into a lifestyle product which dictates pride of possessing it.

Alongside our furniture line we have an extensive range of accessories, artifacts, furnishings, painting and decorative lighting products which will enable you to characterize your space. Our Artifacts and Accessories collection lets you create a space that is accented with decorative touches. Place our exceptional accessories strategically throughout your home to inspire individual charm and elegance; reflect a look that is all your own.

We offer an array of items that can be used to add color, drama and interest to your home. Highlight key areas and architectural interest in your home with vases, flowers, candle holders and more. Our accessories are designed to compliment any look with design elements that are classic or contemporary styled. The artifacts and accessories collection lets you set the stage for all the rooms in your home with artistic design that captures the essence of simple styles and natural elements.